Slow Connection. What do I do?

Last modified: April 11, 2020
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If you are facing slow connection on your server or website. Please provide our support engineer with the following info:

1.  Ping result (Go to Command prompt –> type “ping <SERVER IP / DOMAIN NAME>” -t).
i.  Stop a few minutes.
ii. Capture the screenshot and send to our support engineer as an attachment.

2.  Your end IP address (Go to the site)

3.  Traceroute Result (Download the Ping Plotter ) and send us the screenshot of the result after running the test for a few minutes.

With this information, our engineers will able to detect the root cause.

The problem still persists – Slow Connection. If you still facing the slow connection after 3-7 days, you may request a migration to another Data Center. You can perform a speed test using the following link

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