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HOW TO: Find and install applications in Plesk

Last modified: October 1, 2022
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Find & Install Applications

You can use third party applications to add features and functionality to your website such as a blog, online store, photo gallery, or you can base your site entirely on a single application such as Joomla or WordPress.

1. Firstly, login to Plesk.

2. Secondly, click Applications in the left sidebar.

3. Next, click All Available Applications to see all the applications, both free and commercial, that are available to be installed.

4. Click on the application name to learn more about the app.

5. Then, click Install to install the application.

6. Lastly, click Install again on the installation page.

How to Manage Applications in Plesk

1. Firstly, login to Plesk.

2. Then, click Applications in the left sidebar.

3. Next, click Manage My Applications on the Applications page.

4. Click on the application that you want to manage under My Apps section.

5. Here you can:

    • Modify the application with Change Settings.
    • Delete the application by clicking Remove button.
    • Access the administrative page with Administrative access entry points > Administrative interface
    • view the public-facing site by clicking Site under Public access entry points

We hope this article helped you to learn about how to install applications in Plesk. For more articles, kindly visit our Knowledge Base.

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