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HOW TO: Configure Microsoft Outlook Express connect to mailbox by POP3

Last modified: September 30, 2022
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Configure Microsoft Outlook Express to connect to the mailbox via POP3

This article will guide you on configuring MS Outlook Express to connect to the mailbox via POP3. Please follow the steps below:

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Firstly, start Outlook Express. Choose Tools > Accounts from the menu on the top.

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Secondly, click Add button and choose Mail.

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Then, display Name: Type your mailbox in and click Next.

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E-mail address: Type your e-mail address in @ and click Next.

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And next, Choose My incoming server is a POP3 server from the dropdown box.Fill in mail server information:
          – Incoming mail server
          – Outgoing mail server
          – Click Next

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Then, fill in login information to Configure Microsoft Outlook Express :
 Account name: Type your login @
          – Password: Type your mailbox password.
          – Click Next, then click Finish.

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After that, elect the mail account name and click the Properties button.

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Next, switch to the Servers tab.
           – In the Outgoing Mail Server check “My server requires authentication”.

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Lastly, switch to the Advanced tab.
            – In the Server Port Numbers check “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”.
            – Click OK.

Note: Please use port 26 or 587.

What is POP3?

POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) is a one-way incoming mail protocol that downloads a copy of messages from an email server to a local machine. Once the post office protocol completes the process, it deletes the original data from the server’s inbox.

However, many providers these days give an option to keep the original copies intact, allowing users to see the same content when accessing messages from a different platform.

In general, we recommend this setting for people who only use one device to access emails and want to view their messages offline. It’s also useful for those who want to free up an inbox space that almost exceeds its capacity.

Do keep in mind that this protocol cannot sync the content of your offline inbox with its online counterpart by default. So if the device that stores the messages is lost or broken, you could lose all of the ones you’ve saved.

Default Ports:

These are the ports that POP3 uses to establish a connection with an email server:

  • Port 110 – non-encrypted port
  • Port 995 – SSL/TLS port (also known as POP3S)
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