Server Colocation Malaysia

Choose Casbay Colocation service for Max Reliability & Performance


Casbay high availability & high bandwidth solutions, coupled with the state-of-the-art data centers are designed to give businesses everything they need. Besides, with other data centers situated around the world, our worldwide customers enjoy the fastest network access. Our data centers are staffed with 24/7 on-site expert engineers supporting our own systems and services.

A data center with colocation facility provides you the space, power, cooling and physical security for your server, in addition to storage and network connection. With Casbay server colocation, you will get:

Private LAN

Enable a private VLAN if you prefer a secure network to ensure your business privacy is achieved.

Multi BGP

We peer with the largest Tier 1 providers in the world to achieve low latency and the fastest route.

Tier 3

Casbay Tier 3 data centers ensure the best performance and reliability to ensure 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Redundant Networks

We have designed our network structure to make sure that you are connected all the time with your co-location connected to multiple networks.

24X7X365 Support

Access your servers whenever you need too. For help managing your collocated servers or resolving infrastructure faults affecting them, all our data centres have engineers on site all day, every day.

Secure & Compliant

Every inch of our infrastructure meets stringent ISO 20000, 270001 and 9001 requirements as well as being PCI DSS compliant - so you can trust us with your servers.

High Availability

With our resilient, geo-diverse infrastructure and a range of advanced high availability technologies at your disposal, downtime need never be an issue.

Environmental Security

Our data centers all feature fully redundant power sources with backup generators, redundant cooling systems, comprehensive fire suppression and best in class physical security measures.

Want More Bandwidth, More Protection?

We can provide you with many server colocation upgrade options from premium bandwidth to DDoS protection on demand.


Monthly Fee (RM)

Dedicated Local 1Mbps
Dedicated International 1Mbps
24 ports Gigabits (1000Mbps) Switch
1Gbps Cat6/RJ45 Port
Power Port
IP Address


Power Usage (100 watt)


Firewall Protection
Fortinet Hardware Firewall
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Fortinet Virtual Firewalls
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CISCO ASA5505 Hardware Firewall
DDOS Protection
Up to 1Gbps DDoS Protection
Up to 5Gbps DDoS Protection
Up to 10Gbps DDoS Protection
Up to 20Gbps DDoS Protection
More than 20Gbps?
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Casbay server colocation services are perfect for businesses that require high availability of power, scalable facilities and uninterrupted access. Our data center is designed to protect vital data and support mission-critical applications. Whilst you own your servers and retain control over the design and usage of your equipment, the rest you can leave to us. And the most important – you save time and money, with a peace of mind.

Colocation in 3 Simple Steps

Our colocation experts will help you assess the amount of space you need within our data centre, schedule installation and plan for on-going management if necessary.

Step 1
Space Requirements
Based on the size of your server solution, from a single server to mutiple racks.
Step 2
Delivery and Installation

Deliver the equipment, which you can do in person or via a third party.

Step 3
Server Management

You can manage your solution via remote access or a simple visit to the data center.

Single U
Casbay 1U
RM267.50 Monthly
10 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
Unmetered Data Transfer
100 watts/hour Power
FREE Reboots
2 IP Address
RM 100 Setup Fees
Two U
Casbay 2U
RM360.00 Monthly
10 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
Unmetered Data Transfer
150 watts/hour Power
FREE Reboots
2 IP Address
RM 100 Setup Fees
Four U
Casbay 4U
RM460.00 Monthly
10 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
Unmetered Data Transfer

200 watts/hour Power

FREE Reboots
2 IP Address

RM 200 Setup Fees

Ten U
Casbay 10U
RM900.00 Monthly
10 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
Unmetered Data Transfer

500 watts/hour Power

FREE Reboots

12 IP Address

RM 500 Setup Fees

Half Rack
Casbay 21U
RM1900.00 Monthly

20 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth

Unmetered Data Transfer

1000 watts/hour Power

FREE Reboots

15 IP Address

RM 500 Setup Fees

Full Rack
Casbay 42U
RM3800.00 Monthly

20 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth

Unmetered Data Transfer

2000 watts/hour Power

FREE Reboots

30 IP Address

RM 1000 Setup Fees

Facilities & Redundancies

Tier-3 Compliant

Power Architecture

Cooling System

Fire & Safety System

Building Management

Security Management



Server Colocation services are for organisations and individuals that have their own servers and hardware that want to have data center connectivity. Therefore, providers like Casbay offers the network connectivity for their hardware to ensure maximum uptime.

Just submit a ticket through our support portal, provide your Name, Identification/Passport Number, Requested Time to Access and our support team will organise the rest for you.

Yes, Casbay will escort you around our data center to your server colocation space at your request any time of the day. In addition, all of our Tier-3 data centers are fully guarded.

We peer with many major international providers, therefore providing all of our users with low latency and high network speeds.

Our support teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should you require help. You can reach them through our support portal.

We have done configurations for disaster recovery, load balancing, clustering and much more. If you have a project that needs professional services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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