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Shields Your Private Information
Casbay helps you to prevent others from gaining access to your phone number, address, and other private information while registering a domain. Stay away from spam and junk emails that might attach with virus / malware!

Domain Privacy Protection

Are you aware that every day, millions of website owners are putting themselves at risk just by not having a “shield” to their personal details? The fact that current domain regulations require that your private contact information be include in a publicly accessible database which can be reach 24 hours a day does not make matters any better. Your personal detail such as contact information is harvest by spammers from publicly accessible Whois to send spam and other unthinkable misconducts.

Value Your Privacy

Domain Privacy Protection works in the same way as having your phone number “unlisted”: it prevents people from gaining access to your phone number, address, and other private information.

Why Do I Need Domain Privacy Protection?

Shields Your Private Information

Domain Name Privacy Protection ensures the confidentiality of your private contact information. It will not be expose to the public and is protected by this protection service. Your contact information will not be display but will be replace with the Domain Privacy Protection Service’s contact information instead in order to provide you with the highest level of protection against identity theft and spammers.

Stop Spam & Junk Emails

Inbox over flooded with unwanted solicitations? It probably means that you have not gotten yourself shield yet! Don’t let spammers and telemarketers invade your privacy. With Domain Privacy Protection, the visible email address to public is constantly changing, so while it is being harvest and redistribute, it will change and the previous address will no longer work for spammers.

Complete Control

You may have taken your personal information out of the public WHOIS database but remember, you are always in full control of your domain name. You can sell, renew, transfer and change settings to your domain name just the same as before. Your domain control panel provides you real-time access to easily manage your domain name.

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