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If you’re looking for a cloud platform designed for critical applications, then look no further than VMware. VMware is the market leader in virtualisation and cloud technology. VMware solutions are deploed on a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers which hosts the application or website to ensure maximum flexibility and scalability. VMware Cloud Server comes with High Availability (HA) as if one server is in trouble, other machines are ready to take over the work.







Searching for scalability, high performance, and security? Casbay Enterprise VMware Cloud Server is ready to fulfill all of your organization’s needs by improving the level of efficiency, increasing productivity and saving hardware costs. All this is backed by our expert support so that you stay focused on the growth and success of your business with peace of mind.

High Availability

VMware HA and other proactive availability features such as vMotion and Storage vMotion help to protect your virtual machine appliances.

VMware Cloud Servers are built on self-healing architecture with automatic hypervisor failover to keep you online during the event of hardware failure.

Dynamic Load Balancing

With VMware Cloud, your workload will automatically distributed and placed on the platform across the cluster of hypervisors equally.
This allows maximum performance of individual virtual machines without exhausting the hypervisors as resources can be taken from across the cloud, resulting a stable setup.

Live Migration

VMware will automatically migrates the virtual machines across the cloud If an issue occurs with a hypervisor.
This feature can also be called into use when hardware maintenance is performed to shut down hypervisors for repair without interrupting your service.

Managed Backups

Your data will be saved off site with a seamless cloud solution to help you avoid any data loss.
With Veeam Backup, all data is backed up daily with up to 30 restore points, therefore an entire server or individual sites can be easily restored. Granular restores down to individual files and databases is also available.

Firewall Security

Every VMware Cloud Server offers firewall protection for your VMs to add a layer of sheilding between your cloud hosting environment and destructive attempts to access it.
You are allowed to configure the firewall rule sets for your VMs based on your requirements.

Scale As You Grow

VMware Cloud Servers give you the flexibility to grow. You can clone a server, add extra hard drive space, or even change operating systems entirely.
Start small and scale up your business with a VMware Cloud Server.

How VMware Cloud Server Works

VMware Cloud Server Plans

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Migrate your running virtual machines with zero downtime

VMotion is a powerful component of VMware that allows you to migrate your running virtual machine’s (VM) file system from one storage system to another, with no downtime for the VM, minimum disruption for end users, at the same time maintaining the data integrity.

VMotion allows you to:

Fast Deploy and Easy Manage VMs

VMware vCloud Director allows adaptation of infrastructure to the speed of your business thus giving a simple Priviate Cloud infrastructure management and provision. With VMware vCloud Director, you will be able to manage your Private Cloud infrastructure in minutes, as though it were your very own virtual data center.

More benefits from vCloud Director:

Move your business to cloud environment

Get 24/7 premium support. Our experienced expert team is ready to assist you in every step of the way. Contact us to identify the right solution, we consult and provide dedicated support for every customer. Get started now!

What is the difference between a Cloud Server and VPS?

A virtual private server or VPS is a virtual environment on a dedicated server using visualization mechanism. One of the advantages is that VPS cut the cost down and you can get resources depends on what you need.

A cloud server is a cluster of dedicated servers with VMs spread across them multiple times. This similar to VPS but with additional assurance as a failure that may cause a dedicated or VPS offline, such as disk, RAM, CPU failure, but will not take the Cloud platform offline.

What is VMware vSphere?

The difference between VMware vCloud and VMware vSphere is that vSphere is the infrastructure level of the VMWare virtualization platform. The vSphere is IT controlled layer of virtualization. For more information, kindly visit this page.

How many websites can I host with VMware Cloud Server?

You can host unlimited websites as there are no limitations on the number of sites that you can host. However, you need to make sure that your cloud server has enough memory, bandwidth, disk space, and processor to manage the demand of you websites requirement.

What are the operating system do you support on your cloud servers?

Our Cloud Server supports all the latest OS. For Linux Cloud Hosting solution, you can choose between CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. For Windows Cloud Hosting, we support Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.

How do I upgrade my cloud server in the future?

Get in touch with our support team and they will advise you the costs in upgrading to resources you need.

What management is included with VMware Cloud Server?

For your information, we will take care the entire cloud infrastructure, including hardware, VMware virtualization platform and the operating systems. All services are proactively monitored 24/7/365 by our experts.

Does VMware Cloud Server supports control panel such as Plesk?

Yes, you can get VNM and Plesk as add ons.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

VMware Cloud Solutions is not included in our money back guarantee.

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