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HOW TO: Improve email delivery.

Last modified: September 30, 2022
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HOW TO: Improve email delivery.

Here are four tips to help you improve email delivery when sending emails to others:

i) Keep your mailing lists as clean as possible

Firstly, evacuate all invalid and withdrew email addresses from your mailing list. Sending to these emails tends to will make many bounce backs and will bring about delayed in email conveyance. Over the long haul, it will prompt your IPs getting blacklisted as well.

ii) Size of email

Secondly, maintain your email as straightforward as possible. Good content of email requires no attachments. If you have pictures and/or attachments, that is. It is recommended that you first host them externally and then grant a hyperlink to the recipient.

iii) Schedule your email campaign

Make sure you handle your sending time correctly when sending large amounts of emails. You should plan your next campaign for your email 1-3 days after the first email campaign. This ensures that all your messages are sent and all emails rebound collected.

iv) Internet connection

Check your home or office internet speed as it also affects your delivery speed.

Email Delivery

“Can a receiver accept your message?”

This term describes whether or not a receiver accepts your email, which comes before the inbox or spam folder distinction, so be careful not to mix up the two. If your email doesn’t make it into an inbox, that means delivery wasn’t successful, no matter which inbox it would be displayed in.

Delivery refers to whether or not a receiver accepts the message you’ve sent. Does the domain or email address exist? Is your IP address blocked?

Imagine that, instead of being an email, it’s personified in a busy business traveler on her way to a conference. Successful delivery would mean that the traveler arrived at the correct airport. She then proved her identity with a ticket and passport, and airport security verified her as safe to pass through security to her departure gate.

Similarly, when an email is successfully delivered, that simply means it made it to the intended recipient’s mailbox — and that could be in the inbox or the spam folder.

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