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HOW TO: Check server IP

Last modified: October 1, 2022
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HOW TO: Check server IP

There are several methods to Check server IP. You may choose and follow the one of the three methods below:

First Method

1) Firstly, go to “Start” on your local windows;

2) Click on “Run”;

3) Next, type “ping -t and press enter “okay”

e.g: ping -t

4) The IP shown from the reply is your server IP.

Second Method

1) Firstly, log into cPanel;

2) Then, you will see the IP on the correct board under the IP address section.

Third Method

1) First off, log in to Helm;

2) Click on “Domains” menu;

3) Next, click on “”;

4) Proceed by clicking on “Web Settings”;

5) You can check the server IP which is listed beside the Web Server.

Short definition of IP address

After done checking the IP address, do you know what does it stands for? Well, IP actually stands for ‘Internet Protocol’. For the address part, it refers to a series of unique numbers linked to all of the online activities you do. It can simply be described as the return address printed on a letter you send out.

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