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Last modified: May 5, 2020
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Dear Customers,

We are sorry to tell you that a spate of email password hackings lately took place with the affected email account to spam. Since last year this trend has happened around the world and we witnessed another wave. Hackers use automated instruments in which users who make weak password settings on their email accounts continually sniff and crack password combinations.

In light of the seriousness, we now enforce all e-Mail users to set a minimum password score above 85 in cPanel to prevent the loss of their privacy and private data. Any e-mail users that do not meet the minimum requirement password score will be notified and asked, when the next login is made, to have their e-mail password altered. If the user uses Outlook, access will be denied until you have changed your password through the Webmail interface.

Steps to change your email password:

(1) Login to your Webmail interface

(2) Key in your email address in full and existing password

(3) Once logged in, you will be prompted the page to reset your email password

(4) Key in your existing email password the also the new email password of your choice. Take note that the password score indicator for your new password must be 85 and above.

(5) Key in your new password combination again and hit “Change your password now!”

You must make sure that all your other software (e.g., Outlook and Thunderbird) and devices (e.g. BlackBerry and iPhone) have been updated before you are connected to the server to retrieve the messages after you have changed your email password.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further clarification.

Thank you for your comprehension and collaboration on this subject. We hope to minimize the harm caused to us and our clients by this latest e-mail hacking wave.


Best of all,

Casbay Team

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