HOW TO: Repair table in phpMyAdmin

Last modified: March 31, 2020
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How to repair database tables

We want to first verify if we need to do a repair of a database table before we begin.

1) Log into your cPanel and select the PHPMyAdmin icon.

2) Choose the database you wish to check.

repair-table-phpMyAdmin-choose database to check
Choose database to check


3) Choose the tables to be checked. Or you can click the select all link located at the bottom of the table list.

repair-table-phpMyAdmin-choose table to checked
Choose table to checked

4) From the drop-down list, select Check Table. You will need to finish the repair process if there are any mistakes in the result window. In our example there is no errors.

repair-table-phpMyAdmin-select Check Table
Select ‘Check Table’


To Repair

Follow steps 1-3 from the Check Table process.

4) Choose Repair Table from the list below. Contact our support team if mistakes remain after repair and we are glad to explore this issue on behalf of you.

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