Reduce the size of a MySQL database

Last modified: February 23, 2020
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Reduce the size of a MySQL database

MySQL database size limitations are applied for all shared hosting plans, in order to ensure fair resource usage. The limitation is 1GB.

If a database on your account has exceeded the database size limitation (or it is getting close to reaching the limit) you can check your database content and reduce its size by deleting some data that is not needed.

To do so go to cPanel -> phpMyAdmin, and select the database in question from the left sidebar.

When the page loads you will see all database tables listed on your screen. Locate the Size column and click on it. This will sort all the tables by size, listing the largest tables at the top of the page.

Then check the data inside the largest tables and decide if it can be safely deleted. For example, tables containing logs and temporary information usually can be safely deleted. Before removing any data, please make sure that it is not crucial for your website’s functionality. Also create a backup of the database so that you could easily restore it in case you delete any important data by mistake.

If you have reached the MySQL Database size limit and all of the data in the database is needed for your website, you can consider an upgrade to a higher plan where the MySQL Database size limit would suite your needs.

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