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Last modified: March 31, 2020
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Login to Strongbolt Private Email.

You will obtain an activation email with your login details and your DNS information after signing in to our Strongbolt Email Hosting.

Firstly, You may log in to Webmail using this URL >> https://webmail.strongmailvault.com/

Login to Webmail using URL


Secondly, you will be redirect to your Webmail interface.

Strongbolt-website interface
Redirect to your Webmail interface


This email account can then be configured to your email customer by following the following guide but using it as your mail server and port.


1. IMAP server: mail.strongmailvault.com, Port: 993, SSL enabled.
2. POP3 server: mail.strongmailvault.com, Port: 995, SSL enabled.

3. SMTP server: mail.strongmailvault.com, Port: 465, SSL enabled.

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