How long does it take to register and activate my domain?

Last modified: April 13, 2020
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You might have wondered, “why is it that my domain name takes so long to register?”. The reason is not all domains are registered identically. An agency called Registry owns and operates each domain. Verisign, for example, is one of the most notable registries in the world. This is because it operates two of the most domain domain endings as well as others. Each domain is a unique brand and therefore has its own requirements and registration processes, so the question of how long it takes to register a domain has different time phrases.

The Domain Registration Process: How Long Does It Take to Register A Domain?

Step 1: Registration requirements

Many domains are easier to register compared with others. While many domains are unrestricted and open to everyone to register, others are kept to a more stringent standard. There are checked domains which require documentation and go through a verification process. This is to ensure that the domain registration purpose is consistent with the policies of the domain brand. To register a domain name in that country several country code domains need a local presence or evidence of business registration.

Step 2: Check requirements

When registering a domain, it goes through our domain service specialists department. The department ensures it meets all registration requirements and all the necessary documents. When all is in order, the domain name is passed on to the Registry for activation and publication.

Step 3: Get with the Registry for approval

This stage is where the response varies the most about how long it takes to register a domain. A domain registration can take 24 hours to 3 months anywhere, but a majority of domains can be registered within one day. The chart below shows, how long does it take to register a domain.

pie chart-time-register-activate-domain
Time register activate domain


But you might be wondering how it can take up to 3 months to register a domain name? The government, a university or an entity of information technology regulates all of these extreme cases involve domains of the Country Code. Many registry systems, like a fax machine don’t run with the tools that we usually use.

For example, the .MO domain for Macao in Asia requires: a copy of Macao SAR entity registration, corporation registration, business establishment (M1 form), or sales tax collection notice (M8 form) with client contact information and, where applicable, a copy of the label, all of which must be physically mailed to the Macao Registry. The timeframe for registration of domain is 3 months.

Step 4: Propagate the domain name

The final step is to transfer the domain name to the root servers as the domain name will be live once complete. The DNS root name servers convert URLs into IP addresses so that we can type in the URLs we usually see. So, there is no need to type a list of random numbers into our web browsers. Those root servers are a network of hundreds of servers across the world. They are however  together as 13 named servers.

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of the domain name system.This includes a narrative of 14 people around the world holding and protecting 7 keys that safeguard the data authentication mechanism in the domain name system. Please know we’re doing all we can to ensure that your domain name is first and promptly registered so that you can do the things you want to do online.

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