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Last modified: February 24, 2020
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Configure an e-mail . If you have an email account set up on the server, you may want to configure Outlook or Outlook express to send/receive from this address. To configure Outlook to connect to your account, please do the following:

1. Open Outlook Express

2. In the top menu, click Tools

3. Click the Accounts link

4. Select the Mail tab

5. Click the Add button

6. Click Mail

7. In the Display Name field, type any name you wish to associate with this email. This is only for aesthetic purposes. It doesn’t matter what name you use in this field.

8. Click the Next button

9. In the field to the right of E-mail Address, type the full email address including the domain name.

10. Click the Next button

11. For the Incoming and Outgoing servers, put or your server’s IP address.

12. Click the Next button

13. For the Account Name, type the full email address (including the domain name).

14. In the Password section, type the password for the email.

15. Click the Next button

16. Click the Finish button

17. Click the Properties button

18. Select the Servers tab

19. Check the box at the bottom which says “My server requires authentication”

20. Select the Advanced tab

21. At the top you will see “Server Port Numbers” and “Outgoing mail (SMTP):” with a value of 25. You need to change this to port 26 if you are not able to send emails using 25.

22. Click the Apply button, OK button, and the Close button.

23. Now you can test your email.


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