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Blazing Fast Pure SSD Drive

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Linux Standard SSD VPS Plans

Enjoy the cheap Linux VPS Hosting Plans in Asia with High IOPS at an affordable price with our powerful Linux virtual server hosting. Combining the latest generation of Dell enterprise-class and RAID-60 high-performance SSD drive arrays with our custom system, we are one of the best Linux VPS hosting provider, which creates a Kernel Based Virtual Machine (KVM) provided Supported advanced virtual server platform, a hardware virtualization that allows you to optimize resource usage.

SSD VPS 1 Linux

As low as

RM28.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 2 Linux

As low as

RM58.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 3 Linux

As low as

RM93.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 4 Linux

As low as

RM123.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 5 Linux

As low as

RM153.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 6 Linux

As low as

RM183.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 7 Linux

As low as

RM213.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 8 Linux

As low as

RM243.00 Monthly

Linux Advanced SSD VPS Plans

SSD VPS 12 Linux

As low as

RM368.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 16 Linux

As low as

RM473.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 20 Linux

As low as

RM578.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 24 Linux

As low as

RM688.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 32 Linux

As low as

RM898.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 48 Linux

As low as

RM1323.00 Monthly

SSD VPS 64 Linux

As low as

RM1743.00 Monthly

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