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  • Place your orders and collect payments online
  • Generate sales 24/7 on every devices
  • Sell your products everywhere, anywhere
  • Low investment & maintenance costs

Generate Fast and Effortless Online Sales

It limits you from attracting more customers and making more revenue by having just a physical store. If you have an online store things will change. Your Online Store will help you take orders instantly and generate revenue without any trouble. Because it’s available 24 hours a day, and though you’re sleeping, you receive orders and payments!

Online Sales

Lower Expenses, Higher profits!

Traditional bricks and mortar retailers claim a large initial investment but not an online store. You need only a small cost to start and sustain an online eCommerce shop. You will slash the running costs with a lower cost involved and raise the profit margin.

Sell Your Products Anywhere You Want

Do not limit your capacity to earn revenue. Your online store will help you sell your goods or services across Malaysia, or even worldwide! You can sell to other marketplace platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, through your Facebook page, cell phones or even.

Sell your product

We’ve Got You Covered In The Online Business For Every Important Component!

We only provide feasible and necessary solutions for your company. You’ll have a Strong and Full Online Shop with these features.

Delivery and Tracking

We offer the best-rate, user-friendly delivery system. EasyParcel, our partner, provides a fantastic delivery service-before shipping to your clients, the team will pick up your package from your place. Plus your parcel can be tracked anytime!

Receive Payments

Our plans come with the best gateways for payment which charge a lower fee and deliver rapid deployment. These developed payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and iPay88 are secure and safe to use.

Customer Communication

Customer Support is one of the core parts of every enterprise. With popular networks such as Facebook messenger and business email, we ensure that you can connect easily with your customers.

Marketing Channels

Marketing is an integral part of income generation for companies. Our solution comes with different marketing channels that help you promote your products or services through email marketing, social media marketing, affiliates and more!

Accounting & Tax

Whether you like it or not, every company has to deal with the accounting. We provide resources that help you handle your online accounting while at the same time collecting taxes on every transaction.

Analytics & Reporting

It's crucial to make sure your company runs on the right track. We provide monitoring reports that provide insight into how well your company is doing so that you know how to make short-term and long-term changes.

4 Steps To Complete Your Website


Tell us your idea


Call for content writing




Website complete

Enjoy Exciting Benefits

We Accept Credit Cards

Your online store can accept credit cards as well as payments through internet banking.

Free RM25 Shipping Credits

Make your first shipment with us, and demand credits.

Free Business Email

This program will include one email address, which is

Facebook Page Setup

We assist in setting up an official Facebook page that integrates into your online store.

Free .COM Domain

Get a publicly recognized domain name –.COM domain for your online shop.

Copywriting Service

Our qualified copywriters can help proofread your website and deliver the best content.

As low as

Ecommerce - Lite

As low as

RM99 Monthly
RM0.0 Monthly

  • 1 Review Session + 3 Days Development
  • 6 Products Insertion
  • It supports up to 1000 products
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Accept Credit Card and Internet Banking Payments
  • Courier Delivery Service Setup
  • Facebook Page Integration Setup
  • .COM Domain Name included
  • 1 Business Email Account
  • HTTPS/SSL Certificate Ready

As low as

Ecommerce - Pro

As low as

RM199 Monthly
RM0.0 Monthly

  • 3 Review Session + 6 Days Development
  • 20 Products Insertion
  • It support up to 1000 products
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Accept Credit Card and Internet Banking Payments
  • Courier Delivery Service Setup
  • Facebook Page Integration Setup
  • .COM Domain Name included
  • 10 Business Email Account
  • HTTPS/SSL Certificate Ready
  • Google Analytic Setup

What Our Clients Say

Since three months ago, my ecommerce website is hosted and designed by Casbay. Thanks to them, I am able to easily manage my website and provide my visitors with the products and services they need.

– Jane Lam

From my opinion, Casbay is by far one of the best hosting providers I’ve ever met. Not only do they design stunning websites that meet my requirements, they also provide excellent customer service to all their clients. Hats off to them! 

– Aimman bin Ainuddin Mamhuri

Having not much knowledge on how to create and operate my own ecommerce website, I must say that I’m very satisfied with my new website by Casbay. If you are looking for affordability, I would strongly recommend everyone to try out Casbay.  

– Ng Xun Yun

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion price is only applicable to new registrations. However, the price will be reverted back to the default price for renewals.
  2. Renewal price for the Basic plan is RM999/yr whereas the Premium plan is RM1999/yr.
  3. Casbay reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  4. You agree to our terms of service.
  5. For more enquiries, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


An eCommerce website is a website where users can buy and sell goods online.

An e-commerce website is your assurance that your brand will become identifiable and credible. People want to know where they’re putting their money and a website is your evidence of being trustworthy and professional. Getting your own web space also guarantees your personal ownership over your content–you can not get blocked or lose it.

Ever wondered how to start your own Ecommerce business? Check this guide to find out more.

For this plan, we will set up an online bank transfer and Paypal payment gateway for you by default. You can choose other payment methods as well such as Stripe, MolPay, or iPay88. However, the service to integrate with these payment methods are not included in this plan.

In this eCommerce Startup Plan, we will help you to design and upload 6 products. However, you are allowed to upload your products on your own up to 1000 products.

Strictly NO REFUND is allowed after confirmation and payment.